We The People is an initiative of Media Monitoring Africa and is not aligned to any political party or sponsor. We The People’s mission is to educate the South African public on the role and importance of the Constitution in their daily lives in practical ways that everyone can relate to. We envision a nation of citizens who understand their rights, ensure that they are exercised, and hold the powerful to account.

Why are we doing this?

On February 3 1997, the South African constitution came into effect. That means it celebrates its 15th birthday this year. While our constitution is generally considered to be the most advanced in the world, few South Africans truly understand what is actually in the document that is the bedrock of our democracy. We often talk about the constitution in the abstract sense, without thinking about its relevance to the practicalities of every day life.

So there are two main reasons for this project:

  1. To educate South Africans about the rights our constitution guarantees, and to give them the knowledge to exercise those rights.
  2. To get South Africans to understand how our constitution protects them and why it is so important – even if not everybody agrees with it. If people don’t understand something, they won’t care about it, and if they don’t care about it, they won’t fight for it if it ever comes under threat.

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What’s the point of telling the world I love our constitution?

Because South Africa has a constitution generally agreed to be the most advanced in the world, we thought its 15th birthday was a great opportunity to celebrate.

After all, we’re good at waving the flag when the Springboks or Bafana Bafana are playing, but we should be proud of other things too. And let’s face it, we’re very competitive – we love being the best in the world at something.

South Africa will be the first country ever to run a campaign like this. We want to get as many citizens to as possible to participate, to remind the world (and ourselves) what South Africans can achieve when we stand together.

The campaign is a way to get South Africans to actually read the constitution, and better yet, understand what it means for us. That’s why we’re asking you to tell the world why you love our constitution instead of just sending an SMS or clicking on a link. Click here to understand how our constitution protects you.